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Power Factor Scientific Facts

What is Power Factor?

The Power You Need : The Power You Have

Power factor is the ratio of real power (amount of energy needed to run your business/home for a particular time) to apparent power (amount of current your household/business is actually drawing at a particular voltage).

Power factor ranges from zero to one, but the question here is: Why would these two numbers differ?

Simply put, the answer is that in every household and business there are power leakages or losses. The reason for this power loss is much less simple. It boils down to the appliances in your business/home that have motors such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, dryers, fans, etc. For a more detailed description please see "Scientific Explanation" below.

To fix this, we install a power factor correction (PFC) module in parallel with the circuitry of your house/business that is designed to build a very specific amount of charge (determined by the power factor of your home/business) until the current in the circuit changes direction. At this point, the PFC module discharges, releasing just the right amount of current to offset your home/business’ net losses. Our product is capable of lowering your utility bills by up to 25% and is guaranteed to bring your power factor up to .95 no matter how low this number was previous to installation. We also guarantee a reduction in your utility usage by 8% - 10% or your money back!

Scientific Explanation
motors require the use of an electromagnet, which is a coil of wire that generates a magnetic field when current is passed through it (this phenomenon is described by Ampere’s Law from magnetostatics). In the case of home/business appliances, the coiled wire sits between two magnets (opposite poles facing each other) and alternating current is passed through it. Since the current alternates direction, the magnetic field produced by the electromagnet switches direction accordingly. Recall that like magnetic poles repel while opposite poles attract. Due to the polarity reversal of the electromagnet in the presence of the fixed polarity of the other two magnets, the electromagnet spins, giving us the desired effect of rotational motion for our fan or other appliance.

This spinning magnet is the reason for power loss and the resulting low power factor. Faraday’s Law from electrodynamics tells us that a changing magnetic field (caused mostly by the alternating current) will induce a current in the circuit that will oppose the direction of the current flowing from the electric panel (source) at that moment. This reduces the net current in the circuit, which consequently reduces the power. Since all appliances have a minimum energy requirement to run, they will simply draw more power from the utility company to compensate for this loss; a correction that comes directly out of your wallet.


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