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Solar Thermal Energy Systems (Analysis and Design)

Blue Chip Solar and Wind is a supplier of the most efficient solar collectors and systems for domestic hot water, space heating, and pool and spa heating. We specialize in using array direct DC pumps in these applications to make systems operate most efficiently and reliably.

Thermal collectors make better use of limited roof space, gathering the equivalent of 600 watts per square meter, compared to 180 watts per square meter for PV.

Justifying the Cost of Solar Water Heating
The cost of heating water is generally best justified by looking at the cost of operation of a water heater as expressed on the yellow energy efficiency label that is on almost all appliances. That's approximately $300 to 400 per year for electric. The cost of gas is not so much less. (Within the last year the costs have doubled to be approximately $200 to $260 per year, and propane is higher than that). A solar water heater properly sized will eliminate approximately 60 to 90% of that cost. 

Solar Heating for New Construction
In recent national survey of new home buyers, 78% said they would have seriously considered solar if it had been recommended by their builder. Another 40% said that if solar had been a standard feature in their new home, they would have paid, on average, $21 more on their monthly mortgage payment. 

Financial Incentives for the Home Buyer

Solar water heating can qualify a home for an EPA Five Star Home energy-efficiency mortgage with more favorable terms, such as cash back at closing or increased debt-to-income ratio. Because of monthly energy savings, the buyer can afford to include additional upgrades in their new home package. So for the same monthly outlay, the solar home buyer gets more for their money than the standard home buyer. Even if you, our customer chooses a conventional mortgage, rolling the solar system cost into the mortgage (like other appliances) increases their savings more than it increases the mortgage payment. You save from the day you move in. If that weren't enough, by installing solar you provide today's environmentally-conscious client with clean energy.

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