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Wind Farm Siting and Layout Design

Our Project design and engineering department selects wind turbines best suited for the project site while optimizing the bottom line. Blue Chip Solar and Wind designs the turbine layout, power collection, transmission interconnection and substations, civil work, and project logistics. Project design is based on advanced methodologies in analyzing and sighting turbines to maximize energy capture from the wind. Many other factors besides the wind regime have to be considered in the final choice of the optimum site, briefly, include:

Access to the grid
Local environmental effects including the landscape classification
Local road access
Closeness of local habitation
The effect of noise
Interference in TV and radio signals

Types of Towers
Our design staff will customize your project for the proper type of tower. They include:

Free Standing Tubular Towers
These are manufactured from tapered steel or concrete. Steel towers may be welded or pressed together in sections on site or in the factory. Spun-concrete towers are generally less flexible than steel towers and so offer improved sound deadening qualities (i.e. they do not transmit or amplify rotationally-induced vibrations)

Free Standing Latticed Towers
These are relatively cheap to erect, and require less substantial foundations than tubular towers due to their spreading of the structure loads over a wider area. Although at one time lattice towers were commonly used for medium and large scale machines, today they have lost favor in the EU, partly due to their lack of aesthetic appeal.

Guyed Towers
Erectable guyed towers have a significant cost advantage compared to other types. Guyed towers may be raised or lowered using a gin pole, without the need for a crane. Therefore ground-level rotor and nacelle maintenance is possible. However, they utilize more ground area due to the need to spread the guy cables quite widely, which may be a handicap if machines are used for cultivating crops around the wind turbine bases. Animal farming is not so affected. The mast may be of steel pipe (very small machines) or tube which is assembled on the ground and then winched upright via a gin pole. The diameter of guyed towers is, in practice, much less than fixed towers. Guyed towers, along with latticed designs, give less of a tower shadow effect than tubular towers.






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